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“Cutting edge contemporary footwork, traditional styles, workshops, film screenings…Dance Bridges Festival, partnered by t2 and held from August 6-10 across various venues in Calcutta, started a cultural exchange and built a bridge between local and international artistes, apart from offering some stunning dance productions.” The Telegraph, t2

Read a festival diary penned by Pierre Palluet, producer Van Huynh Company (UK) for The Telegraph t2 here

British Council, India Arts Blog

“Every artist and piece carried a different flavour that is a result of a personal history of dance training, choreographic style, creative decisions but also a reflection of cultural perceptions, thinking and infiltrations.” Vanessa Maria Mirza (Director, Dance Bridges Festival)

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7th& 8th August 2015, Kala Mandir auditorium

Strange Display, Dep, Resonance: Van Huynh Company (UK)

Falling Body: I-Fen Tung (Taiwan)

Diabolique: PrasannaSaikia (India)

Homeostasis: Rocio Berenguer (France)

Enough: Sydney Skov (USA)

What I Do For You: Anarchy Dance Theatre (Taiwan)

The Human Way: Buoyant Performing Arts (India)

Suites: Tomas Danielis (Austria)

Moonstruck: Janet Reed (USA)


6th– 10th August 2015, Calcutta School of Music, Rhythmosaic Studio & Sparsh Studio

Contemporary Dance: Ieve Navickaite (UK),

Contemporary Dance: Meghna Bhardwaj (India)

Contemporary Dance: I-Fen Tung (Taiwan)

European Contemporary dance (4 masterclasses): Waileth & Bardon (Sweden)

Eurhythmics: Waileth& Bardon (Sweden)

Anatomy for Dancers: Waileth& Bardon (Sweden)

Jazz Dance: Waileth & Bardon (Sweden)

Manipuri Dance: Suman Sarawgi (India)

Kathak Dance: Mitul Sengupta (India)

Contact Improvisation: Chieh-Hua (Jeff) Hsieh (Taiwan)

Composition: Tomas Danielis (Austria)

African Contemporary Dance: Janet Reed (USA)

Music Listening: Martyna Poznanska (UK)

Film Screenings& Seminar

8th& 10th August 2015, Goethe-Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan

Films: Uath Lochan (UK), Here/Nowhere (Belgium), Hydra (Germany), Tofino (Sweden), Boulevard du Break (France), Let’s Say (Hong Kong, China), Lay Me Low (Canada), Vanishing Points (Canada), Nadie, Nobody (Mexico), Su Misura (Italy), Echo (Netherlands), Eterno Boogaloo (Mexico), Dog Days (Noway/Sweden), Tarq (India), Young Angry Men (UK/Sweden), Foli (Netherlands), Sasha Waltz- A Portrait (Germany), Café Mueller (Germany), Free Body Project (USA), Upp till dans (Sweden)

Keynote Address, Response & Responsibility, The Dancer as a Social Being: Dr. Urmimala Sarkar (India)

Presentations: Dance & Technology: Chieh-Hua (Jeff) Hsieh (Taiwan)

Dance & Film: Sydney Skov (USA/India)

Dance Education & Gender Emelie Bardon (Sweden)

Dance Alliances: Performative Presentation, Meghna Bhardwaj (India)

Panel on Dance Practice, Research & Activism: Sohini Chakraborty, Aishika Chakraborty, Vikram Iyengar,  Dr. Urmimala Sarkar

Post-performance talks: Moderator, Alokananda Roy (session 1) Vikram Iyengar (session 2)