From the first edition of the Festival in 2015, and through our different events, Dance Bridges has been collaborating with diverse international and national artists, cultural and arts organisations as well as diplomatic missions and embassies. These connections allowed us to bring to life projects empowering artists and companies to build bridges through dance, in order to expend the global contemporary scene. We sincerely thank you for your interest and support to the performing arts!

Artists & Companies

Amitabh Srivastava(India) |Alfredo Miralles (Spain) | Anarchy Dance Theatre (Taiwan) | Artur Vidal (Spain/UK)| Asish Singha(India)| Ashley Wright (Australia) | Asomates Dynameis Dance Company(Cyprus) |Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania) | Bea Debrabant (Belgium/France) | Beatriz Madrid (Mexico) | Brigitte Kramer (Germany) | Buoyant Performing Arts (India)| Casey Avaunt (USA) | Clausen-Kinght/Pett (UK)| Compagnie Humaine (France) | Diya Naidu (India) | Duwadzinska (Poland) | Fresco Dance Company(Israel)| Fóramen M Ballet (Mexico) | Focus Dance Company(Taiwan)| Gustavo Monteiro (Portugal) | Gabrielle Revlock (USA) | Heymann Brothers (Israel) |Hygin Delimat (Austria)| Ido Tadmor (Israel) | I-Fen Tung (Taiwan) | Isaac Zambra(Mexico)| Janet Reed (USA) | Kirstie Simson (UK)| Kyle Scott (USA) | Kwiatkowska-Naqvi (Poland) | Laura Kenyon (UK/France)| Lin Yu-Jun (Taiwan) | Lucas Viallefond (France) | Makan Ashgvari (Iran) | Martyna Poznanska (UK/Germany) | Massala Dance Company (France) |Meghna Bhardwaj (India) | Mitul Sengupta (India) | National Youth Dance Company of Scotland (UK) | Nicole Lam (USA) | Papia Chakraborty(India) |Peter Schäfer (Germany) | Pietro Marullo(Belgium/Italy)| Prasanna Saikia (India) |Priyabrat Panigrahi (India) |Purnendra Meshram (India) |Ravi Duprees (UK) | Rocio Berenguer (France/Spain) | Sreya Chatterjee (Germany/India)| Stefano Fardelli (Italy) | Suman Sarawgi (India) | Surjit Nongmeikapam (India) | Sydney Skov (USA) | Teita Iwabuchi (Japan) | Tien Hsiao-Tzu (Taiwan) |Tjimur Dance Company(Taiwan) | Tomas Danielis (Austria) | Van Huynh Company (UK) | Waileth & Bardon (Sweden) | Wayne Mcgregor (UK) | Yael Flexer (UK) | Zoe Dominique Subbiah (India)

Partnerships & Collaborations

Art & cultural organisations


Austrian Cultural Forum | Konstnarsnamnden the Swedish Arts Grants Comittee | Screen Dance Festival (Sweden) | World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific | Time to Shine (Scotland) | National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan) | Lithuanian Council for Culture | Kaunas, Morelos (Mexico) | Morelos Secretaria de Cultura (Mexico) | F4 Libre (Mexico) | Estados Unidos Mexicanos Secretaria de Cultura | Japan Foundation | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) | Shadhona


Instituto Italiano di Cultura of Kolkata | British Council (Kolkata) | Alka Jalan Foundation | Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan (Kolkata) | Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) | Alliance Française du Bengale | Addlife Caring Minds | Dance Alliance India | Swar Sangam | Chaitown Creatives | the Calcutta School of Music | Sparsh Studio for Performing Arts | Rythmosaic | Buoyant Performing Arts | The Doodle Room| Meta Arts

Diplomatic Missions/Embassies

Austrian Embassy New Delhi | Embassy of Israel in India | Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania | Consulate General of Italy of Kolkata | Embassy of Japan New Delhi

Dance Bridges Festival Supporters

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Festival 2017: Patrons Biographies

Jonathan Ward

Jonathan was the senior representative of the U.S. Department of Commerce covering East India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. He previously served in Delhi, Karachi, Baghdad, Port Moresby, and Riyadh. He has also held positions in Washington, DC with the Joint Staff at the Pentagon and in the Executive Office of the President. Before joining the diplomatic corps, Jon worked as a senior corporate executive in the private sector after rising to the rank of Major as a short service U.S. Army officer.  He holds JD, MBA, and BS degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a lifelong patron of the arts.

“When I was just 12 years of age, the Kohler Foundation brought dancers from Tbilisi, Georgia to my small hometown in Wisconsin, USA. This was my first exposure to an international arts organization and helped inspire me to years later become a diplomat and a patron of the arts. I congratulate the Dance Bridges Festival in bringing dancers from all over the world to Kolkata, that they may broaden and inspire the minds of young and old alike.”

Eliane & Bernard Palluet

Eliane & Bernard Palluet are respectively botanist and forester. They are based in France and have spent a lifetime studying nature and nurturing the forest for the next generations. They have also invested in arts education for their own children and are staunch believers in the importance of supporting the arts for all members of society regardless of their economic, social and ethnic backgrounds. They believe the arts and creativity must be nurtured widely in order to build a better and fairer society.

Festival 2015: Partners & Sponsors