Massala Dance Company [France]    |   ‘URBAN BALLET’

Urban Ballet has been an ongoing project over several years, highlighting the connection of young people with Dance. The choreographer Fouad Boussouf followed the evolution of young dancers he was able to meet during regular classes or one-off workshops. Three different documentaries are the result of this experience, retracing the evolution of these dancers over a period of almost 10 years. Many have become professionals while some continue as amateurs.

Direction/Editing: Floriane Pinard & Fouad Boussouf | Photography: Floriane Pinard | Production: Massala Dance Company | Music: Roman Bestion | Translation into English: Patrick Renouard | Dancers: Marion Amoretti, Eddy Battiston, Yanice Djae, Jade Lada, Mathilde Meritet, Coumba Niang, Adil Ouaali, Sebastien Vague | Duration: 20 minutes

Harm Weistra [The Netherlands]    |   INTRINSIC MORAL EVIL 

‘Intrinsic Moral Evil’ seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make their own interpretation.

Dancers: Joan Ferré Gomez, Jorge Abraham Guillen Ortiz, Frago Peña Gonzalez | Voice Over: Hank Botwinik | Writting/Production/Direction: Harm Weistra | Executive Producer: Jitte Hoekstra | Choreography: Fernando Domínguez Ricón | Photography: Jorrit Garretsen | Editing: Michiel Boesveldt | Music: Ludwig van Beethoven Piano sonate nr. 14 in cis mineur, opus 27 nr. 2 (Mondscheinsonate) performed by Dmitriy Lukyanov | Production company: Framelab, Amsterdam | Duration: 10 minutes 45 seconds

Julianna Ottlik [Hungary]    |   ‘INTERFERENCE’

‘Interference’ is a graduation project built on visual interference on the physical level – not using any digital media. The installation created inspires professional dancers to improvise in a half-regulated/predefined space of tangible horizontal rubber strands in various textile patterns to elicit visual interference. In the making of the printed outfits, the direction and proportions of the patterns play an important role to help establish the rhythm of the movement itself. Altogether, visual experience is organically formed by the character of the patterns and the dynamic act of the dancers.

Direction: Julianna Ottlik | Duration: 3 minutes 39 seconds

Fu Le [France/Taiwan]    |   ‘2-28’

After World War II, the general Chang Kai-Chek founded the actual Republic of China on the island of Taiwan, where he established a real cult of personality. But on February 28, 1947, the island was facing an anti-government uprising. The general replied by a violent repression, which took the lives of more than ten thousand citizens. The subject was officially taboo until the 90’s, when democracy shed light on the history of Taiwan. Since then, the image of Chang Kai-Chek has greatly weakened and each year, on February 28, people sprinkle with red paint the statues of his bust that still adorn each place and institution of the island. This annual incident testifies to the political and generational schizophrenia that Taiwan faces today.

Direction: Fu Le | Production: France/Taiwan | Duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds

Compagnie Humaine  [France]    |   ‘SUR MA PEAU’­­

‘Sur ma peau’ is a photographs and video dance project made in prison. It is part of a choreographic and plastic arts workshops conducted with female inmates in the Prison of Nice. The lm and the photographs constitute the memory of the research process engaged with the prisoners to nourish the inside/outside dialogue. ‘Sur ma peau’ is part of ‘TRACES’, creation cycle imagined by choreographer Éric Oberdorff which explores traces, memories, and their impacts on our identity and our path. In echo to this creation, Éric wished to go with the prisoners in an artistic research to take an inventory on their bodies as a palimpsest, by using the movements created during the workshops, by exploring their tattoos and scars as special elements carrying memories of their identities and witnessing of their life paths, and by using material created with the visual artist as scenery and props.

Production: Compagnie Humaine | Concept & Choreography Éric Oberdorff | Choreographic Assistant: Luc Bénard | Visual Arts: Laure Mathieu | Original Music: Anthony Rouchier a.k.a. A.P.P.A.R.T | LM & Photos: Éric Oberdorff | Duration: 12 minutes

Dadans [Turkey]    |   ‘AMORPHOUS’

Reality changed as it swayed,
Filled up the blanks.
Transformed from one shape to another, Joined other beings.
Spread, curved, glided, leaked out.

Direction: Dadans & Neslihan Koyuncu | Production: Dadans | Editing: Dila Yumurtacı, Neslihan Koyuncu | Camera: Neslihan Koyuncu | Performers: Dila Yumurtacı, Melek Nur Dudu, Merve Uzunosman | Duration: 4 minutes 13 seconds