January – December 2020


Eligibility:  Indian & International candidates over 18 years of age with prior education/training/ interest in business & arts management, creative industries, dance production, media, arts & culture studies. Good communication skills and English fluency is required.

Description:  Applicants can sign up for a 1-6 month internship to gain experience in the arts and learn about the overall management of an international dance organization. They will be fully involved in various aspects such as working with artists and facilitators,promotion and publicity, community outreach, connecting with sponsors and media partners. Full-time interns should be ready to work flexible hours averaging 4-6 hours daily.

Support:  Selected candidates will need to arrange funding for travel/flights, local accommodation and living expenses.  Dance Bridges management can advise suitable housing options, assist in making arrangements and provide a letter of invitation/other necessary documentation to procure funding/visas etc. The Interns will receive a certificate of completion, a recommendation letter on the basis of their work and gifts & merchandise.

Application Process: Please send a resume with a statement of purpose and letter of recommendation to stating clearing the period of your internship and areas of interest. Last date for receiving applications for internships should be a minimum of two months before start date.


Applicants may choose a single area of a combination (of  a maximum of three areas) of special focus for their internship.

A. Media, Design & Communications- photography, video documentation, social media promos, distribution of email invites, posters, programs/invitations, certificates
B. Event Management-planning schedules, logistics- transport, accommodation, food – water arrangements, social engagements, organization of volunteers
C. Artistic Production- theatre/venue requirements, lighting, sound, costume, props, flowers, backstage, frontstage, permissions, press, workshop arrangements
D. Artist Management- Working with the artists/ being assigned to a group to look over their needs, local tourism, food, accommodation, rehearsal/performance schedules, social events, information, gifts.
E. Marketing/Advertising Management- Working with sponsors, budgets, advertising, online & Press , PR, meeting with VIP guests, patrons/friends of the festival