Papia Chakraborty [India]    |   ‘GIVE WEIGHT TO ME’

In this piece, the choreographer considers ideas of embodiment and alterity, finding inspiration in a recent episode from her life. In 2013, her father went missing after a landslide, while on a pilgrimage with her mother.  After this tragedy, the choreographer found her mother changed, the woman who returned had been jolted into taking responsibility for herself. Now, the equation has been reversed, and the mother ‘supports’ this memory of the father, carrying a weight that is incorporeal, yet substantial.

Choreography/Performance: Papia Chakraborty | Music:Ranjit Hegde and Rohit Gupta

Pintu Das [India]    |   ‘CHA WALA’

This presentation documents a solo journey of transformation. Your friendly neighbourhood tea stall owner is part of a fast-fading social fabric. He spends the greater part of his life boiling the perfect concoction of tea leaves, milk and sugar to treat the passers-by to a few moments of solitude, exchange, conversation or relaxation. This piece is a commentary on our fading shared heritage of communities, the people and their livelihoods, our rapidly transforming cities and the next generation of seekers who embark on new journeys often into lost realms.

Choreography/Performance:Pintu Das

Purnendra Meshram [India]    |   ‘2 MEN’­­

This piece is an abstract depiction of two men and their relationship. Initially, the relationship and trust grows and they start bonding despite many small differences. Their lifestyles become similar and they get dependent on each other unknowingly and it seems smooth. But then individual dilemmas come up even though there is an invisible, emotional connection between them. Strong differences arise which are almost unacceptable. Through abstract movement, this piece shows their struggles, sense of competitiveness, conflicts, moments of togetherness, success, failure, support and control.

Choreography: Purnendra Meshram | Dancer: Purnendra Meshram, Pradeep Gupta

Diya Naidu [India]    |   ‘HANDS AND FACE PROJECT’

‘Hands and Face Project’ is inspired by Diya Naidu’s preoccupation with the microcosm of Urban Indian life. With a camera she invites strangers  to stand face to face with her. She wanted to face the men she was afraid of, the men who, if she was stuck with alone would make her feel uncomfortable. She seeks to encourage the viewer to think about their own complicity in the culture of rape and patriarchy. It hints at a connection between these and hopes to make its viewer aware of how these forces play out in our seemingly innocent personal lives.

Choreography/Performance:Diya Naidu

Casey Avaunt [USA]    |   ‘OUTLINE’

‘Outline’ explores the intimate space of the living room. Living rooms bring to mind evocative memories of childhood, familial differences, and shared histories. They have the potential to illustrate gendered and generational relations and how those change over time. Through this piece, the choreographer asks: Are there universal truths to be uncovered with regard to these domestic interiors? In investigating this question, this work abstractly demonstrates the ways in which bodies animate living rooms by establishing connections to each other across our differences.

Choreography/Performance: Casey Avaunt & Company

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