Contemporary ART+ Performance, a talk with Anirudh Chari

Dance Bridges had the pleasure to co-present with the British Council Kolkata an interactive session on Contemporary ART + Performance focussed on contemporary artists in the UK led by Kolkata based curator and cultural theorist Anirudh Chari. The talk was followed by a session of improvisation looking at art as a point of departure for inspiration in choreography and performance. It was an enjoyable evening and we are grateful to all those who joined us for this event. 

Read about this wonderful evening with The Telegraph t2. Read the full article online here.

”  ‘Chari gave us great insights into the effect and impact dance had had on some modern/contemporary artists working in different mediums of painting, print, sculpture, photography, among others. I was able to lead dancers in the audience in an improvisation after, looking at the reverse connection, exploring how art can influence dance and choreography in different ways,’ said Vanessa Mirza, director, Dance Bridges Festival. “

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