Lucas Viallefond of Paris Opera School decodes Modern Dance

“For me the most interesting dancers are the ones who dance with feelings. I don’t like to see high legs and many turns. For me the one who dances with intention is the one who makes the difference between the dancer and the artiste.”

-Lucas Viallefonde, Interview with The Telegraph t2.

We were delighted to present a modern dance workshop with French artist, Lucas Viallefond, a modern dancer and a teacher at the Paris Opera School. The two-hour class was based on the Jooss-Leeder technique, developed by Hans Züllig and Jean Cébron, with contemporary barre work. We had a wonderful response with dancers from different parts of the Calcutta, Howrah and Murshidabad joining us. It was an excellent and inspiring learning experience.

We are grateful to the support by Sparsh Studio for Performing Arts, Alliance Francaise du Bengale and Buoyant Performing Arts in partnering with us for this event.

Read an artist interview and coverage of the workshop in The Telegraph t2 here.

Check out a video interview with the artist here.

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